How to Use Baby Nasal Aspirator?


There are many questions about the care of newborn babies. For babies who are in a very special developmental period, it is quite natural that some of their abilities are not yet developed. One of them is the ability to blow your nose. It may be difficult for babies who have not yet developed the ability to blow their nose to breathe easily. For this reason, many parents: How to use the nose cleaner in babies? she wonders. The use of nasal aspirators in infants has become increasingly common in recent years. It is an application that facilitates the life of the baby and caregivers when used correctly. Nasal aspirators are used for many babies from birth to 6 months.

Is Nasal Aspirator Necessary for Baby?

Babies’ sensitive noses get blocked more often than adults. Babies’ noses can easily be blocked due to their nasal structures. Babies with nasal congestion cannot clear their noses by themselves. In this case, the probability of encountering many undesirable diseases from upper respiratory tract infections to allergic reactions increases. The easiest method used today as a solution to such a situation is the nasal aspirator.

You should first consult your doctor to identify the source of your baby’s nasal congestion. Thus, you can easily clean your baby’s nose knowing that you are faced with daily nasal congestion.

How to Use Baby Nose Cleaning Aspirator?

  • For new parents, the question of how to clean the nose in babies is often asked. Baby nasal aspirator is very easy to use.
  • Moisten your baby’s nose with the moisturizer you bought with the product.
  • Attach a new tip to the aspirator.
  • Insert the tip into your baby’s nostril.
  • Hold the aspirator on your baby’s nose with one hand and place the other side of the aspirator in your mouth with the other hand.
  • Clean your baby’s nose by breathing in gently with the vacuum method. If you pull too hard, your baby’s nose may bleed slightly due to irritation.
  • If blood comes into the aspirator, you should stop vacuuming. In such a case, you can take your baby to your doctor just in case.
  • You should replace the tip of the aspirator after each use.

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